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Brian Pallas

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Thursday, September 1, 2016 - 1:56pm

By 2020, millennials will comprise of roughly 50 percent of the global workforce. Just like the emergence of any other generation, companies will have to deal with a new set of challenges and create a different working environment and culture for their talents. Today, millennials are inevitably becoming a larger influence on the future of our business, while for many companies, baby boomers and Generation X still hold the steering wheel.

In a fast-growing global technology company like ours, we recruit talents from the baby boomer generation to millennials. We have over 60 employees from more than 25 different nationalities. We are present in 10 different countries and are still growing. The wide range and set of diversity prompted us to take culture very seriously early on. In order to preserve our company’s culture and ensure our core values are embodied throughout the organization, we abandoned the traditional way of establishing the company’s core values. Rather, we let our people create and own the culture themselves. Here’s how you can look to do the same within your own organization.

Creation: Collective Thinking

Brian Pallas is the Chairman, CEO, and Founder of Opportunity Network.