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Functional Foods And The Triple Bottom Line: People Planet Profit

Submitted by admin on Wed, 2019/11/13 - 11:34am

Healthy people and a healthy planet can be the foundation of a solid business model.

Lillian Zhao was an investor in the natural organic food space. The global organic food & beverage market is expected to reach $320.5 billion by 2025, according to Grand View Research. Organic farming practices use fewer pesticides than traditional agriculture, and the produce is often fresher and more nutritious. Organic farming is better for the environment. Practices enhance soil and water quality; reduce pollution; provide safe, healthy livestock habitats; enable natural livestock behavior, and; promote a self-sustaining cycle of resources on a farm. 

However, Zhao came from a family of Chinese doctors with a tradition of using herbs to heal. She believes not only that natural and organic food could be healthier for people and better for the planet, but that it has the power to heal. In 2014, when her father was diagnosed with diabetes and a good friend had a particularly painful flare-up of irritable bowel syndrome, she moved into the functional food space and launched her own company, Further Food. 

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