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Honeymooning with Foursquare

Submitted by editor on Thu, 2015/08/20 - 6:32pm

Christina and I got married in SF a few weeks ago, and we just got back from a wonderful two-week honeymoon on the Big Island of Hawaii and in Tokyo/Kyoto in Japan. It was a fantastic trip and a long-anticipated opportunity for us to decompress post-wedding, unplug from email, and explore new parts of the world.

However, we did not unplug entirely from the internet on our honeymoon. Yes, we posted a few honeymoon Instagrams. More importantly, whenever we had WiFi (or sometimes even when we didn’t…) we pulled up Foursquare to help us figure out what to do and where to eat while traveling. Suggestions from friends and locals who knew those places well were important, but Foursquare ended up being the invaluable tool for us on-the-go and completely replaced a guidebook. (Disclaimer: Spark is an investor, but this is not a paid piece of content marketing, I promise.)

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