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Patient-First Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic

Submitted by admin on Wed, 2020/04/01 - 7:38am

Over the past few weeks, the onslaught of coronavirus has catapulted the healthcare industry to quickly pivot and adapt its approach to care. Amid this global pandemic, remote care and telehealth solutions are now not only a necessity, they are our silver lining. The distribution of these remote health-related services allows for virtual care, education, treatment, intervention, monitoring, advice, even prescription refills, in a time when most cannot leave their homes. As such, these patient-first solutions are triaging demand and ensuring immediate, remote access to healthcare for all. We are lucky enough to support some of the leaders helping to drive forward this change. In this blog post we’ll introduce you to two clients that are adapting to and meeting the needs of patients during this unprecedented time. 

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