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Roger Wu

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Friday, September 4, 2015 - 6:21pm

I never thought of diversity as being important. As an Asian-American high school student, I was angry about diversity. Why must I be the one to score higher on my tests? Why do I need to get better grades? Why is the bar set so much higher for me?

Silicon Valley has been dealing with complaints about its lack of leadership diversity, with a disproportionate number of white males landing at the top of tech’s hierarchy. Relatedly, many have observed the seemingly endless array of frivolous “first world problems” that “tech entrepreneurs” are trying to solve: another dating, laundry, social, or local app?

Diversity is important. Just like in genetics, variation is necessary for survival. From a technology perspective: If we all thought the same, we wouldn’t think of anything new or different. Remember, it took a designer to disrupt hospitality (Airbnb) and 

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