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Sama Jashnani

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Sunday, September 24, 2017 - 9:17am

What is the biggest barrier between a woman entrepreneur and her path to success? The fear she creates in her own mind. Our scared, hesitant and self-doubting thoughts create that atmosphere of inferiority for us, make us weak and allow other people to question us. My co-founder, Anuja Shah, and I believe that overcoming our fears was one of the most integral parts of our entrepreneurial journey. These are some of the lessons we learned in doing so:

1. Don’t think you’re not good enough.

As women, we often think we’re not good enough and perceive ourselves to be the inferior or less capable sex. Anuja and I always thought we needed a third (male) partner, but with time we realized that we are completely capable ourselves. As we started achieving our goals, we started feeling a sense of power. Our fears gradually turned into positive energy. We got proof that our skill sets complemented each other and started feeling powerful — powerful enough to fight for our mission every single day. 

If you think you are inferior, that is exactly how people will treat you.

Co-Founder & CEO DownToDash - Connects people based on what they are down to do whether it's workouts, sports, movies or travelling. Full scholarship to study Msc Marketing and Strategy at Warwick Business School. Co-founded an ecommerce platform and social enterprise and worked at a global marketing agency.