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The Sky Is The Limit for EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women

Submitted by admin on Wed, 2019/11/06 - 10:32am

Launched in 2008, the EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women program has supported high-potential women entrepreneurs with know-how, connections, and community. It started in the United States and Canada, then expanded to regional programs around the world.

To be eligible for the program, a woman-owned business must have generated at least $2 million in revenue for each of the past two years. Women entrepreneurs participate in a two-day orientation and coaching session in New York City in September and the Strategic Growth Forum in Palm Springs, CA. It is being held from November 13 to 17, 2019. Since joining the program, companies have averaged a 35% compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) and 166% headcount growth, according to the 2017 EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women Global Impact Study.

This is a rarefied group. Only 1.7% of all women-owned businesses (222,100) pass the $1 million mark in the United States, according to American Express 2019 State of Women-Owned Businesses.* A tiny percent of these would be able to maintain the year-over-year growth rates of the Winning Women.

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