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Adobe Photoshop Bootcamp

Adobe Photoshop Bootcamp


Noble Desktop
594 Broadway
Ste 1202
New York, NY 10012
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Monday, July 15, 2019 - 6:00am


Photoshop is so versatile. You can use it to retouch and color correct photos, combine images to create something new, create graphics for print, web and more! In this training, we start with the basics, then rapidly progress through more intermediate features. In class, youll work on everything from color correction to photo retouching, moving from a scanned image or digital camera shot to final output for print or web. Youll learn about layers, masks, paths, filters, type, and more! What You'll Learn Learn to retouch photos, create graphics, and more Improve your images by adjusting color, contrast, and more Learn how to prepare images for use on the web or in print Class Syllabus Section 1 Getting Started Photo Retouching Replacing Backgrounds Annual Report Cover Section 2 Selecting with Quick Masks Color Correction Using Color Balance Color Correction Using Levels Preparing Digital Photos for Print Saving Photos for the Web as JPEG Section 3 Saving Photos for the Web as GIF/PNG Creating Shadows & Layers 3D Type Shadow Ghosting Part of an Image Fill Opacity & Effects Using the Adobe Bridge Section 4 Creating Tiling Patterns Cropping, Resizing, & Blending Color Correction Using Curves Adjustment Layers and Masks Shadow/Highlight Section 5 Sharpening Photos Special Effects with Type & Clipping Masks Creating Paths with the Pen Tool Using Clipping Paths for Silhouettes Using Layer Masks for Silhouettes Section 6 Using Filters for Special Effects Brochure Part I Brochure Part II Brochure Part III

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