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Monday, May 14, 2018 -
9:00am to 6:00pm


KnowledgeHut brings you a one-day workshop on the technology that is taking the financial world by stormBlockchain. The success of Bitcoin and Ethereum has opened doors to the advancement of blockchain technology in mainstream projects. Big IT players such as IBM, American Express and Goldman Sachs have invested heavily in blockchain technology projects as have other small and large companies. But there is a major dearth in the availability of skilled blockchain developers and this is where KnowledgeHut comes in. Our comprehensive introductory course will give you a solid foundation on the fundamentals of blockchain and its practical applications. This is a hands-on course designed to help you understand the nuances of these cryptocurrency technologies and build blockchain based applications. There is a huge skill gap between what the market expects of blockchain developers and what professionals know. Let us fill this skill gap and help you embark on a successful and lucrative career. What you will learn: Apply shared ledgers and smart contracts to your Business Network Think about your participants, assets and business processes Spend time thinking about realistic business use cases Get some hands-on experience with the technology Start with a First Project You will also get: Course completion certificate Downloadable courseware 1 KnowledgeHut credit per hour of learning Curriculum: Blockchain 101 Introduction to Blockchain Bitcoin Requirements of blockchain for Business Blockchain Benefits by example Patterns for Customer adoption Key Players for Blockchain adoption Blockchain Explained Digital Identity Transaction BlockTimestamp Ledger Merkle Tree Cryptography Hashing Consensus Proof of work Smart Contracts / Chaincode Wallets Blockchain Architected Key Technical Concepts and Components of a blockchain solution Blockchain Explored Over view of Hyperledger Fabric Network Consensus Channels and Ordering Service Network Setup Endorsement Policies Permissioned Ledger Access Pluggable world state Blockchain Composed Highlevel Blockchain overview Hyperledger Composer Conceptual Components and Structure Applications and Tools Integrating Existing Systems Key Concept - Assets, Participants, Transactions, ACL

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