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CloudBees Jenkins User Boot Camp

CloudBees Jenkins User Boot Camp


71 W 23rd St
Suite 515
New York, NY 10010
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Monday, January 14, 2019 - 3:30am


The 21st-century software engineering practices of continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) have rapidly come to define the best practices for software development, quality assurance and delivery. CI/CD practices are fundamental to most successful DevOps practices, and enable huge benefits for delivering more value, more frequently and with lower risk than traditional engineering. At the same time CI/CD practices drastically reduce many of the risks and pains associated with deploying software releases and bugfixes. Jenkins has long been the community tool leader in the open-source world for practicing continuous integration and delivery. Its more robust and enterprise-capable big brother, the CloudBees Jenkins platform, expands the capabilities users love about Jenkins to an enterprise-class toolchain and level of support. This hands-on workshop teaches engineering and development teams to use the CloudBees Jenkins platform to run an enterprise CI/CD practice. Our lab environment and classroom model is deeply interactive, giving students hands-on practice and access to an expert in the classroom so they can return to work ready to immediately use everything CloudBees Jenkins has to offer. A few immediate benefits of attending this course: Update your Agile Knowledge Understand how CloudBees simplifies your Jenkins Implementation Use CloudBees to Automate Jenkins configurations Use CloudBees Templates Automate your Software Delivery Pipeline with CloudBees Jenkins Implement CI/CD with CloudBees Jenkins Integrate CloudBees Jenkins with Git / GitHub Take your Agile Teams to the next level with CloudBees Jenkins Reduce integration issues Improve code quality Use CloudBees Jenkins as a communications hub Manage plugins within the Jenkins platform Build and automate deployments Learn to use GitHub with CloudBees Jenkins Become familiar with the CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center Review and implement best practices for Jenkins Pipeline Plugin Pre-requisites Eclipse Jenkins Maven plugin Junit plugin Sonar Plugin

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