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Excel 2013/2016: Data Analysis with PivotTables

Excel 2013/2016: Data Analysis with PivotTables


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Friday, April 26, 2019 - 6:00am


Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to use Excel 2013/16 advanced PivotTable functionality to analyze your raw data. You will learn to: Prepare data for PivotTable reporting and create PivotTables from various data sources; Analyze Data Using PivotTables; Work with PivotCharts. This course is taught with the Office 2013 version software. You will be able to attend with either 2013 or 2016 version software due to minor variations between the two. All students will receive Office 2013 course materials. Please note that this course in not appropriate for those students using Mac computers running the Mac version of Microsoft Office. This course is only appropriate for those using PCs running the Windows version of Microsoft Office. Course Lessons: Lesson 1: Preparing Data and Creating PivotTables Topic A: Prepare Data Topic B: Create a PivotTable from a Local Data Source Topic C: Create a PivotTable from Multiple Local Data Sources Topic D: Create a PivotTable from an External Data Source Lesson 2: Analyzing Data Using PivotTables Topic A: Summarize PivotTable Data Topic B: Organize PivotTable Data Topic C: Filter PivotTable Data Topic D: Format a PivotTable Topic E: Refresh and Change PivotTable Data Lesson 3: Working with PivotCharts Topic A: Create a PivotChart Topic B: Manipulate PivotChart Data Topic C: Format a PivotChart Prerequisite: Excel 2013/2010 - Basic

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