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Front End 101

Front End 101


New York Code + Design Academy
90 John St
Ste 404
New York, NY 10038
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Monday, December 3, 2018 -
6:30pm to 9:30pm


If you prefer the front lines of web development, envisioning the layout of elements and the aesthetics of a webpage across all devices, then The New York Code + Design Academys Front End 101 is just the class for your detail-oriented mind. Front End 101 is an intensive 8-week coding workshop focused on advanced front end web development skills and geared toward tasks closely related to that of an everyday front end web developer. Our goal at The New York Code + Design Academy is to extend students skills from novice to advanced developer. Not only does Front End 101 offer students the perfect opportunity to dive deeper in web development, but the class will also give students the chance to build a portfolio that includes JavaScript based projects and fully mobile friendly websites. Prerequisites: To participate in this class, students must take Web Development 100 or have prior web development experience. In this program, you will learn: Advanced HTML5 Advanced CSS SASS jQuery Object Oriented JavaScript Weekly Overview Week 1: Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets, or Sass, is an extension of CSS that offers enhanced features and abilities beyond regular Cascading Style Sheets. Sass is industry-approved, well-known, and actively supported by the global tech community. With Sass, you will learn how to improve your CSS skills with new variables, functions, syntax, and more. Week 2: JavaScript Review: A Deep Dive After a week with Sass, you will work your way into important Javascript concepts such as prototypes, constructors, and closures to give you a better understanding of the core of the language as well as advanced topics. Week 3: Advanced jQuery Concepts You will learn advanced and powerful concepts in jQuery such as event binding, DOM insertion, data storage, and AJAX calls. Week 4: Elements: Image Sliders + Mobile Friendly Dropdown Menus This week is dedicated to creating image sliders and dropdown menus. This section will be especially helpful with improving the user flow, visual appearance, and overall navigation of your website. Go above and beyond the static page by influencing your site with interactive functionality. Week 5: Elements: Modals, One-page websites, Using Existing APIs One page websites have become more popular in the last years. Learn how to create one-page websites with parallax scrolling. You will build modal overlays in CSS designed for responsive web design methods and use existing application programming interfaces (APIs) to improve the quality of your web development. Week 6: jQuery Checkers Students will make a web app version of the classic game of checkers that will be fully functional using JavaScript + jQuery. Week 7: Final Project Workshopping Students will leave the class with a portfolio that includes advanced front end development projects and Javascript based projects. The last couple of weeks will be dedicated to fine-tuning your final project. Week 8: Final Project Workshopping + Presentations The last week of Front End 101 will wrap up final projects with student presentations and in-class critiques from teachers and peers. What will you create?

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