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Illustrator Bootcamp for Fashion: Level 1

Illustrator Bootcamp for Fashion: Level 1


383 Design Studio
276 5th Ave
New York, NY 10001
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Saturday, December 1, 2018 -
9:30am to 5:00pm


Do you need to know how to put your hand drawn flats into the computer? Do you need to create digital flat sketches? Then, this class is for you! Students will learn Illustrator basics and techniques specific to the fashion industry. We will focus a larger part of the class on learning the pen tool and using it to draw flat sketches. We will complete 1 - 2+ sketches in class (depending on the speed and efficiency of the student); establish a color palette and add color to the sketches; create a basic color CAD and do a quick design worksheet. Class will cover all of the following topics: Illustrator basics (tools, palettes, workspace) Using basic shapes Using the pen tool to draw detailed and precise flat sketches Creating custom color swatches to fill bodies Creating a design worksheet and presentation board Students will receive all of the following: A beginner's manual with tutorials and notes from the class A graphic resource CD (download) with trim, croquis & brush libraries A 1 hour online followup private session * Followup session must be scheduled within 2 months of final session. ** Students are responsible for contacting instructor to schedule the followup session. Course Outline: Part 1: BASICS AND OVERVIEW Introduction Illustrator Basics Navigating the workspace Setting preferences and your workspace Intro to Color Panel Intro to the Tools Panel Part 2: DRAWING FLAT SKETCHES (Introduction) Grids,rulers and guidelines The pen tool Drawing a tee shirt (front view) Traditional method Modern method Drawing a tee shirt (back view) Part 3: FILLINGYOUR SKETCHES WITH COLOR Creating & saving color swatches Filling your bodies with color Part 4: CREATING A QUICK CAD Creating multiple colorways Part 5: CREATING A DESIGN WORKSHEET Creating multiple pages in your document Adding text Adding callouts to your sketch Part 7:WRAPUP & RECAP (Q&A)

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