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InDesign Essentials (For Mac)

InDesign Essentials (For Mac)


NYIM Training
185 Madison Ave
11th Fl
New York, NY 10016
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Sunday, March 10, 2019 -
10:00am to 5:00pm


The InDesign Essentials class concentrates on the most common topics we see NYC businesses using on a daily basis. By the end of this training course, you will feel confident in laying out a multiple page document, inserting photos, creating text styles, master documents and pages, flow in copy from Microsoft Word, sending a document off to print. This class is perfect to those seeking to feel comfortable with most InDesign tasks and duties, those looking to interview for positions that require solid InDesign skills, and those going into the Print, Advertising, Graphic Design or Business Industry. Materials: Adobe InDesign CS6 Printed Manual SYLLABUS: Lesson 1: Getting to Know the InDesign Work Area Tools, sub menus and palettes Setup up a new document Creating document Viewing the Document Assignment 1: New Document Set up Lesson 2: Working with Typography Creating Text Frames Flowing copy Changing fonts and paragraph alignment Importing copy and entering it into frames Text frame options Spell Checking Assignment 2: Text Ad Lesson 3: Working with Color Applying color to objects Creating dashed lines Working with gradients Creating and applying swatches and gradient swatches Creating a tint Multicolor gradient Assignment 3: Create Coupon Lesson 4: Working with Images Placing graphics Stacking and text wrap Align multiple objects Project 1: Nightclub Postcard Lesson 5: Master Pages and Grids Creating Master pages Linking Master pages Editing master page items Keep spreads together and deleting pages Guides, preferences baseline grid The Layers palette Assignment 4: Set up Master Pages for Newsletter Lesson 6: Style Sheets and Fine-Tuning Text Different text flow options Creating and applying styles Importing Styles from another document Creating a footer and Special Characters Finding and changing formatting and special characters Finding and changing a missing font Creating text on a path Working with tabs Drop shadows Assignment 5: Update Newsletter Lesson 7: Image Manipulation in InDesign The Links palette and how to update and edit graphics in other applications Changing display settings Clipping Pages (Removing a white background) Examining Photoshop paths and alpha channels Importing Illustrator files Placing PDF files Assignment 6: Adjust Images for Catalog Spread Assignment 7: Apply Color Blends to Brochure Lesson 8: Preparing Files for Print Transparency flattener preview Ink Manager Determining how graphics print Setting options for fonts Creating a PDF preset Exporting to PDF Packaging an InDesign File Project 2: Four Page Magazine Layout Students will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of this course and may retake the same course for free.

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