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InDesign Style Spectacular - Apr 18, 6-8pm

InDesign Style Spectacular - Apr 18, 6-8pm


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Wednesday, April 18, 2018 - 6:00pm


InDesign's styles are easy to use yet incredibly powerful. In this seminar we'll demonstrate all they have to offer from the ground up. We'll cover paragraph styles, character styles, nested styles, GREP styles, and even object styles. We'll reveal tips and tricks you won't find anywhere else, including text styling strategies that will save you hours and hours.

Here is what you'll learn in the seminar:

  • Paragraph and Character Styles:
    • How are they different?
    • How to easily create and use
    • Which you should use and when
    • The proper order of style creation
    • Nested Styles
    • Line Styles
    • GREP Styles
    • Dealing with style overrides (when the text doesn't look at the same as the style)
  • Tips and Tricks:
    • Using the Eyedropper tool for quick application of styles
    • Apply multiple styles with one click using the often hidden "Apply Next Style"
    • There's a secret way to fix style overrides that can literally save you hours of work. We've never met anyone in the industry who knows this trick, but you'll learn it in this seminar. This technique alone is worth the price of the entire seminar!
  • Object Styles:
    • How to easily create and use
    • How Object Styles can automatically apply multiple text styles to the text inside a frame!

Don't forget that Photoshop and Illustrator now have Paragraph and Character Styles. While InDesign styles are more powerful, many of the concepts you'll learn in this seminar also apply to styles in Photoshop and Illustrator.

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