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Intro To Scrum Method & Agile

Intro To Scrum Method & Agile


Byte Academy
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Wednesday, January 23, 2019 - 1:30pm


Intro To Scrum Method & Agile For Efficient Web Development Become confident about joining a development team using Scrum, or integrating Scrum into your own enterprise with this workshop led by Stephane Gallet, Project Manager, Engineer and founder of SCRUM26 which we are opening up to our meetup community before offering it as a paid workshop to a wider audience. Well introduce Scrum and Agile then start a basic scrum framework which includes understanding roles, creating a product backlog, understanding processes and planning your sprint. Well go through its background, terminology, key processes and documents involved. Concepts such as self organization, cross functionality and efficiency will be emphasized. Also: - Steps in the scrum process: user stories, etc - People and parts of frame work - Feedback loops - Sprints Putting this information into play we will practice 5 Sprints in a fast-paced setting to become proficient and comfortable with the process, so that you can confidently integrate an agile organization. After an introduction the class will occur in the following order:** Product Backlog Refinement Meeting #1 - Sprint #1: Terminology & Artifacts - Sprint #2: Processes - Sprint #3: 3 Scrum Pillars - Open Q&A -Sprint #4: Tying it all together - Sprint #5: Practice - Notes, Q&A & Next Steps What Youll Take Away: Whether you're starting your career as a developer, or switching from a standard management model, this course will accelerate your transition and make you instantly invaluable to your organisation. About the instructor: Stephane Gallet has led Scrum teams for over 12 years in a variety of project types and industries. In addition to product management, Stephane also has an engineering background. He is the founder of one of the first online Scrum series, SCRUM26, as 3-day online group challenge to become a master agile developer. Prerequisites And Important Notes: **As the rest of the group depend on your participation, participants must stay for the entire three hour session** While programming language agnostic, during the sessions you must be able to bring something to the group, as Scrum teams are cross-functional. You must have at your disposal during the entire course a computer with enough memory, bandwidth and processing capacity along with the ability to download and install packages. Please ensure you are familiar and able to: 1. Use Git: Have a Github account, understand the Forking Flow for collaborative projects. 2. Test Driven Development(TDD): Writing Unit tests in your chosen languages 3. Can code: this course is designed for people with a working knowledge of programming principles. Again, this is language agnostic. 4. Basic foundational knowledge: of SCRUM methodology, have at least read the scrum guidelines Online Scrum Guide

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