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iOS App Development Intensive

iOS App Development Intensive


Noble Desktop
594 Broadway
Ste 1202
New York, NY 10012
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Saturday, September 8, 2018 -
9:00am to 4:30pm


This course will enable you to build your very own iPhone, iPad, or Watch apps using Swift and Xcode. Each week youll build a new app that covers different iOS / Swift concepts to become a proficient iOS app developer. At the completion of the course youll have a portfolio of real, working apps. During this 10-week course we'll cover iOS, Swift, XCode, and WatchKit. You will Learn: Swift and XCode App architecture App styling Auto layout to build a user interface for iPhone and iPad Various controller types such as view controllers, table view controllers, scroll view controllers, split view controllers, and page view controllers. Handling of image assets Core Data Store and parse data in the cloud using an app MapKit Use of timers, sounds, local notifications, and alerts Use of buttons, taps, and gestures App logic Debugging apps The class does not require previous programming experience. To add apps developed in class to your personal device or to the app store you will need an Apple Developer account at a cost, which we will set up in class. What You'll Learn Week 1 Introduction to Tools of the Course XCode Tutorial Setting Up Parts of an App App 0: Checking-in! App 1: Dice Week 2 Foundations of Swift App 1: Dice Deploying Your App on Your Phone Save your code on GitHub Week 3 Using Timers, Modal Alerts, and Scrollviews App 2: Memory Week 4 Table Views, Remote Data, and Multiple Controllers App 3: News Reader Week 5 Core Data App 4: Task List Week 6 More iOS Features App 4: Task List Continued App5: Recyle Me Week 7 Parse and Saving Cloud Data App 6: Inventory Control Week 8 Photo and Video Management Final Project Proposals App 7: Photo Gallery Week 9 Connecting Your App with Twitter App 7: Photo Gallery Continued Work on Final Project Week 10 Animation and Course Wrap Up App 8: Bouncy Test Flight and Submitting to the App Store Final Projects Final Project Presentations

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