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Javascript Development

Javascript Development


General Assembly
10 E 21st St
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Saturday, September 22, 2018 -
10:00am to 5:00pm


This is a 10-week part-time course. JavaScript is one of the strongest weapons in an engineer's arsenal. It can run both in the browser and on servers and is quickly becoming the go-to language to power web and mobile apps. If you want to be a web developer, JavaScript is a must-know. Unit 1: Fundamentals of JavaScript Installfest Install and configure Node.js, npm, Git and other command line tools Install and configure Slack and join class room Computational thinking exercise and introduction to computer science topics Working with JavaScript on the Command Line Internet fundamentals Understanding the client-server model Understanding JavaScript in the browser vs. the command line Running JavaScript code on the command line Introduction to variables Data Types Working with variables Working with conditionals Understanding data types Collections and Loops Working with collections Working with loops Iterating over collections Functions and Scope Working with functions Understanding scope Unit 1 Project, Slackbot Using the provided scaffolding, build a basic Slackbot that responds to user input and run it locally from your machine in the class Slack channel Unit 2: The Browser and APIs Objects and JSON UWorking with objects and methods Intro to JSON Working with JSON-formatted data Intro to the DOM and jQuery Intro to jQuery Understanding the DOM Forms and user input DOM and jQuery, continued Events and listeners Manipulating objects in the DOM AJAX and APIs Intro to AJAX Making API calls Consuming and working with API data Asynchronous JavaScript and Callbacks Understanding asynchronous vs. synchronous Working with asynchronous APIs Working with callbacks Unit 2 Take Home Project: API Consuming App Build a simple, single-page application that consumes data from an open, third-party API Unit 3: Persisting Data and Advanced Topics Advanced APIs Authentication Working with tokens and API keys Working with Oauth Prototypical Inheritance Intro to prototypical inheritance Working with prototypes Working with constructors This and Anonymous Functions Understanding This Working with anonymous functions Intro to CRUD and Firebase Understanding CRUD Intro to Firebase Writing user data to Firebase Retrieving and updating user data In-Class Lab Begin working on your final project: a single-page application that consumes data from at least one API and persists user data via Parse Unit 4: Building and Deploying Your App Deploying Your App Working with CSS frameworks Deploying your app to GitHub Pages/Heroku Using a custom domain name with GitHub Pages/Heroku Instructor/Student Choice Instructor will choose a topic that is not covered in the syllabus and prepare and teach an original lesson on that topic Sample topics include introductions to various frameworks, libraries and tools not covered in class Lab Time Work on your final project with assistance from your peers and the instructional team Final Project Presentations Present your final project: a single-page application that consumes data from at least one API and persists user data via Parse

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