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Machine Learning Immersive

Machine Learning Immersive


Practical Programming
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Monday, April 15, 2019 - 6:00am


In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of Machine Learning and reinforce these concepts by working with real data and building meaningful predictive models. Afterwards, you will have a portfolio where you can showcase your projects, and the necessary foundation in Machine Learning to continue in a direction that best fits your interests and skillset. READ SYLLABUS and CURRICULUM If you are aspiring programmer, whether beginner or jedi, this course is for new learners on the pursuit to master machine learning concepts. This course discusses the FUNDAMENTAL principles of machine learning. No prior machine learning experience necessary. The programming language well be using is Python, the leading language for Machine Learning. You should already have some experience coding in Python, but you dont have to be a professional programmer. If youre completely new to Python, we offer a Python Immersive course which will give you the tools you need to get started with Machine Learning Immersive. On the first day, well shore up our fundamentals in Python with a review, and then begin the dive into Machine Learning. You will learn: Review of Python Fundamentals Python Libraries: Pandas, Sci-kit learn, and Matplotlib Supervised Learning Models (Regression and Classification) Unsupervised Models (Clustering) Data Cleaning and Standardizing the Data Exploratory Data AnalysisFeature Engineering Modeling Fundamentals: Train/Test Split, Cross validation, Underfit and Overfit, the Bias-Variance Trade-off Interpreting the Results of Machine Learning ModelsPutting your projects on Github (can act as a portfolio) Workflow Typical studying day starts at 10am with a previous day recap and completing previous exercises. Lecture on new topics takes about two hours and starts at 11.00am. After lecture, students start working on new exercises with instructor guidance. Around 3pm students present and discuss their work with instructors, learn alternative solutions, and best practices from instructors and invited professional programmers. Prerequisites & Preparation: Python Programming 101 Laptop

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