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Minitab Basics

Minitab Basics


Certstaffix Training
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Wednesday, January 2, 2019 -
10:00am to 5:00pm


In this introductory level Minitab course by Certstaffix traiing you will learn the basics of Minitab and be able to start using it effectively. Course Lessons: 1 Getting Started with Minitab Statistical Software 1.1 Opening a New Minitab Project 1.2 Loading Data into the Project 1.3 Creating a Graph 1.4 Calculating Descriptive Statistics 1.5 Exploring Relationships between Variables 1.6 Brushing Data 1.7 Navigating with the Project Manager 1.8 Creating a Report 1.9 Find Out More Quiz 2 Analyzing and Comparing Variables with Graphs 2.1 Graphing the Distribution of One Variable 2.2 Comparing Distributions of Multiple Variables 2.3 Graphs of Quantitative Y Versus Categorical X Variables 2.4 Graphing in Three Dimensions 2.5 Other Graphs in Minitab 2.6 Find Out More Quiz 3 Exploring the Minitab Environment 3.1 Data Types in Minitab 3.2 Working with Excel and Minitab 3.3 Minitab Session Commands 3.4 Constants, Columns, and Matrices 3.5 File Types in Minitab 3.6 Menus in Minitab 3.7 Toolbars in Minitab 3.8 Customizing Minitab Quiz 4 Selecting and Using Distribution Models in Minitab 4.1 Graphing Probability Mass Functions and Density Functions 4.2 Probability and Quantile Calculations 4.3 Generating Random Numbers 4.4 Selecting a Distribution Model 4.5 Selecting a Normalizing Transformation 4.6 Meet the Distributions 4.7 A Word of Caution 4.8 Find Out More Quiz

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