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Outlook Essentials Specialist

Outlook Essentials Specialist


NYIM Training
185 Madison Avenue, 11th Floor
New York, NY 10016
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Friday, July 27, 2018 -
10:00am to 5:00pm


The Outlook Efficiency Techniques class concentrates on how to use Outlook quickly and effectively. When you are finished with this class you will be able to cut off hours of repetitive work, set up rules and search folders to automate email management, manage your calendar and to do lists, manage huge amounts of email with ease, manage complex scheduling, organize all your contacts and track your correspondence. This class is perfect to those who know how to do the most basic emailing (reply and creating a new email) and to those wanting to learn the best way to organize all their contacts, emails, and tasks. It's great for anyone working in an office and who is in Outlook more than an hour a day. Materials: Mousepad with the most common shortcuts Printable Shortcut sheet with every Outlook Shortcut SYLLABUS: I. Customize Outlook settings 1) Customize the appearance of the program window 2) Configure program options 3) Set defaults for outgoing messages 4) Create and assign automatic signatures 5) Configure options for multiple accounts 6) Practice tasks II. Automate Outlook 7) Automatically reply to messages 8) Automatically process messages 9) Create and manage Quick Steps 10) Practice tasks III. Print and save information in Outlook 11) View and save messages and attachments 12) Print Outlook items 13) Practice tasks IV. Search in Outlook 14) Search for items 15) Use Search Folders 16) Practice tasks 17) Objective review V. Manage messages 18) Create messages 19) Create and send messages 20) Configure message options 21) Respond to messages 22) Delegate access 23) Practice tasks VI. Format messages 24) Format text 25) Apply themes and styles 26) Apply styles 27) Create hyperlinks 28) Insert images 29) Manage schedules 30) Insert memorized content 31) Insert signatures 32) Practice tasks VII. Organize and manage messages 33) Categorize messages 34) Flag messages for follow-up 35) Manage conversations 36) Organize messages in folders 37) Manage junk email 38) Practice tasks 39) Objective review VIII. Create and manage calendars 40) Configure calendar settings 41) Work with multiple calendars 42) Share calendar information 43) Practice tasks IX. Create appointments, meetings, and events 44) Create appointments and events 45) Create meetings 46) Manage calendar items 47) Practice tasks X. Organize and manage appointments, meetings, and events 48) Configure settings for calendar items 49) Manage meeting options 50) Practice tasks XI. Create and manage notes, tasks, and journals 51) Create tasks 52) Manage tasks 53) Create and manage notes 54) Create journal entries 55) Practice tasks XII. Manage contacts and groups 56) Create and manage contacts 57) Create and modify contact records 58) Store contact records 59) Share contact records and address books 60) Practice tasks XIII. Create and manage groups 61) Practice tasks Note: Students will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of this course and may retake the same course for free.

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