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Photoshop CC Advanced Retouching

Photoshop CC Advanced Retouching


Noble Desktop
594 Broadway
Ste 1202
New York, NY 10012
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Monday, August 26, 2019 - 6:00am


Improve your retouching skills. Let us teach you how to improve the quality (and speed) or your Photoshop work. Well cover retouching, complex selections, color correction, color accuracy for print/web output, and more. Well show you how to use channels to make complex selections. Color management is a complex issue but well make it approachable and break it down into easy steps so that you can gain control over color. Well explain some little-known tricks with blending modes, sharpening techniques, how to smooth skin textures and so much more. What You Will Learn Section 1 Fashion ShotCloning vs. Healing Clone Stamp Tool Healing Brush Tool Fashion ShotDodge/Burn Blemishes Dodge/Burn Tools Channels Fashion ShotLiquify Retouching Liquify Filter: Bloat, Pucker, Forward Warp Tools Artistic Retouching of Facial Features Correction TechniquesTypical Image Color Correction using Curves Customizing Curves Options for Fast Correction Correction TechniquesExtreme Image Color Correction using Curves Setting Custom White and Black Points

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