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Scrum Master and Product Owner Workshop

Scrum Master and Product Owner Workshop


International Institute for Learning
110 E 59th St
31st Fl
New York, NY 10022
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Monday, August 20, 2018 -
8:30am to 4:30pm


This workshop builds on the specific roles and responsibilities of the Project Owner and Scrum Master in a Scrum environment, and how they need to work together as part of the Scrum methodology. During these sessions, you will explore who does what before, during, and after the Scrum Sprint cycles, as well as how to make the process work best in your specific Agile environment. You will come away from this workshop with a much deeper understanding of the roles and responsibilities so that individual performance improves on the job. Improved target results include providing focused leadership, making effective decisions, guiding Agile teams, and delivering business value. Prerequisites: Basic Agile and PM Training or equivalent experience Who Should Attend: This workshop is primarily for Scrum Product Owners and Scrum Masters In addition, if you are an Agile Project Manager, Business Analyst, Team Member, or in any other function where you need to understand how the Agile roles and practices work in the context of the Scrum process, this workshop is for you Performance Focus: Role-based focusing on the two key Scrum Team roles of the Scrum Master and Scrum Product Owner and how they work together. Course Overview Foundation Concepts Agile History, Values, and Mindset Introduction to Scrum Scrum events Scrum artifacts Scrum Roles and Responsibilities Product Owner responsibilities Scrum Master responsibilities The Team responsibilities Cross-functional Teams Building Effective Teams Discussion: What happens to traditional roles in Scrum? Product Ownership Product ownership Project Vision Understand your customers and market Personas Stakeholder Management and Engagement Exercise: Case Study - Stakeholders, Vision, Product Canvas User Stories What is a User Story? Epics vs. User Stories Acceptance Criteria Splitting user stories Definition of Ready (DoR) Definition of Done (DoD) Exercise: Case Study - Write epics, user stories, and acceptance criteria Discussion: Scrum Master's role in Product Backlog Development Estimating User Stories Relative estimation Story points and Planning Poker Exercise: Case Study - Planning Poker Discussion: Product Owner's and Scrum Master's role in estimating The Product Backlog Steps to creating a Product Backlog Backlog Grooming Visualizing the Product Backlog Roadmaps, Story Maps, Impact Mapping Product Backlog prioritization MoSCoW, Kano Analysis Discussion: Scrum Master's role in prioritization Impact of Technical Debt Exercise: Case Study - Prioritize user stories Sprint Planning and The Sprint Team capacity and velocity planning Sprint Planning Meeting and Sprint Plan Discussion: Product Owner's and Scrum Master's role in Sprint Planning The Sprint: Learning to become self-managing, self-organizing, self-improving Team engagement Discussion: Product Owner's and Scrum Master's role in the Sprint Sprint Review Meeting and Retrospective Sprint Review Meeting Discussion: Product Owner's and Scrum Master's role in the Sprint Review Meeting Retrospectives Discussion: Product Owner's and Scrum Master's role in Retrospectives Project Progress and Completion The Daily Scrum Discussion: Product Owner's and Scrum Master's role in the Daily Scrum The Task Board and the Burndown Chart Information Radiators Discussion: Product Owner's and Scrum Master's role in Information Radiators Closing a Scrum Project Summary and Next Steps Review of course goals, objectives, and consent

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