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Startup Financing 360 Online - Fundraising Strategy and Financing Vehicles

Startup Financing 360 Online - Fundraising Strategy and Financing Vehicles


Boston, MA 02135
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Thursday, November 16, 2017 -
6:30pm to 8:00pm


The Startup Station presents: Startup Financing 360: Fundraising Strategy , and Overview of Financing Vehicles

No prior finance experience is necessary. Excel examples and Powerpoint materials will be provided after class.

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This workshop is a comprehensive practical overview of three main vehicles used in startup financing. In addition, we will discuss how to look for investors, how to evaluate accelerators and when the accelerator is the right choice for you.

Specifically we will cover:

1. How to looks for investors

2. How accelerators can help you and how to choose one

3. Three main financing vehicles:

a. Equity – Structure, List of legal requirements

b. Convertible Debt – Structure, Trigger events, Examples, Frequently missed pitfalls of using convertible debt

c. SAFE – Structure, Trigger events, Examples

d. Other financing / business terms and how to negotiate them in your favor.

i. Dilution / Anti-dilution
ii. Voting rights
iii. Board seats
iv. Executive compensation approval
v. Control & information rights

e. Which vehicle should you use under which circumstances?

About the Presenter: Victoria Yampolsky, CFA, is the President of the Startup Station,a finance & strategy consultancy for early stage startups. She's also Founder of the Startup Station, an NYC meetup where she teaches in-person finance classes to startup founders. She is an advisor to Jotteq, Opkix, and Stringflix, as well as founder of several ventures in media & entertainment. Previously, Victoria worked in Deutsche Bank Research and did IT consulting for CapGemini's Financial Services Division. Victoria holds a Bachelor's Degree, Cum Laude, in Computer Science, with minor in Mathematics, from Cornell University and an MBA, with honors, from Columbia Business School. Victoria is also on the Advisory Board of the CIS Department of Cornell University.

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