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BNI 3 Manhattan Wed Networking Breakfast. Experience Our Difference!



Club Quarters
40 West 45th Street
New York, NY 10036
United States


Wednesday, July 17, 2019 -
7:00am to 8:30am


Are you tired of in-your-face business card networking?
Are you ready to work smart not hard?
Will you get up early on Wednesdays if it meant your business and life will change?

We have a popular saying at our group: "On Tuesday night I can't stand BNI chapter 3. On Wednesday morning at 6 AM, I hate BNI chapter 3. But by Wednesday at 6:59 AM, I'm charged-up and optimistic not just about the rest of my day but the future of my business.

We ARE focused on the main reason why we show up each week - GROW OUR BUSINESS and enhance our professional skills.

The "phew, I am not a morning person" will be gone - trust us. It's just the voices in your head that probably stopped you thus far from taking your business to the next level. Once you realize what being part of a unique group will do for you and your business, the rest is history.

1. Make sure you visit our website WWW.BNI3.NYC and register as a guest. If you see someone in our group that does what you do, call/email for more info. (each one of our members holds an 'exclusive seat' - we do not allow competitors around the table!
2. Review our roster and see which one of us is a good referral source/partner for you? Check the bio, LinkedIn (if you want to be introduced to someone a member knows)
3. Bring 30-40 business cards
4. Prepare your 60-Seconds commercial (elevator pitch). Relax, if you've never done this before go to our website ( for tips.
5. Go to bed early, set your alarm and stay away from the snooze button. In our world, if you snooze you def lose!
5. Bring $25 cash or CC to cover the cost of our generous breakfast.