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Wednesday, July 18, 2018 -
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You’re probably familiar with IPOs, or Initial Public Offerings, where companies sell stock to raise funds. Simply put, ICO is a similar play and stands for Initial Coin Offering.With the advent of blockchain technology, we are now able to make trustless transactions without requiring intermediary parties. The technology itself is a big step towards solving the issue of digital trust.Given this advancement, technology startups are now turning towards blockchain technology in order to raise funds from people around the world. This is an exciting development in crowdsourcing projects and means people can now invest in upcoming startups with few limitations.Startups that do initial coin offerings basically accept cryptocurrencies in exchange for token sales. These tokens are technically a lot like shares (not legally) and investors buy them in hopes of future profits as the prices of these tokens go up.The last twelve months saw ICOs raising over $2.5 billion and creating many millionaires in the process — hence the hype.Open discussion to learn and teach about the hottest space.