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Live Webinar: The Five Reasons why most Traders Fail -- and How to Avoid Them



Quantopian Live Webminar
205 Hudson St 7th Floor
New York, ny 10013
United States


Thursday, December 6, 2018 -
12:00pm to 1:00pm


Please join us for the next Quantopian webinar, The Five Reasons why most Traders Fail -- and How to Avoid Them at 12pm EDT on December 6th. This webinar will be hosted by Andreas F. Clenow from ACIES Asset Management. You can sign up for the webinar for FREE today:

About the Talk The Five Reasons why most Traders Fail"
This presentation will guide you through the top reasons why traders fail and offer solutions and alternative approaches. As the market conditions are rapidly changing, there should be a renewed urgency in making sure that you there is no important piece of the puzzle that you have overlooked.

About the Speaker
Andreas F. Clenow is a Swiss financier and the CIO of ACIES Asset Management, a Zurich based investment group with a nine figure asset base. Starting out as an IT entrepreneur in the 90s, he had a management career as the global head of commodity and equity quant modeling for Reuters before leaving for the hedge fund world. Having founded, managed and seeded multiple hedge funds, Mr. Clenow is now overseeing investment management across all asset classes, covering quant trading, private equity and venture capital. He is the author of the critically acclaimed book Following the Trend and can be reached through his website

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