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Progressive Hack Night at ThoughtWorks



99 Madison Ave, 15th Floor
New York, NY
United States


Tuesday, June 18, 2019 -
6:30pm to 8:30pm


Progressive HackNight mobilizes tech workers for good. At Progressive HackNight, we design, plan, and organize around technology that addresses inequity and promotes a society that works for all. We take a strong stance that technology that breeds injustice and oppression should be dismantled.

Our bi-weekly hacknights, open source projects, and issue-based campaigns educate and empower advocates and tech workers to create progressive change.

This event is open to technologists, organizers, data enthusiasts, UX/UI designers, creatives, project managers, product managers, coders, etc... of all backgrounds/experiences.

This week is a Working HackNight, which means therell be no speakers just a full evening of hacking and strategizing! Were going to collaborate on open-source projects, plan ways to help grassroots organizations, and learn from each other.

At each HackNight, we have two types of breakout groups:

Learning Groups - groups who want to learn new skills, discuss and strategize on issues, or refine their ideas.

Working Groups - teams who provide opportunities for our community to use their skills by actively building technology and tools.

Whether youre a new or existing group, let us know if your breakout group will be at this HackNight, so we can announce what youll be working on in advance -- and volunteers can make sure to attend and connect with you! To get in touch with us, join the #project-leads channel on our Slack, or email us at [masked].

Want to start a new breakout group? Start a new project issue on Github! Just click New Issue and fill out the form so other attendees can learn about your groups goals and needs.

Food will be provided!

The schedule is as follows:

6:30p - 6:45p : Registration & Mingling

6:45p - 7p : Introductions & Announcements

7 - 9:30p : Breakout Groups