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Q&A with Glossier's Bryan Mahoney



Brooklyn, NY 11201-1236
United States


Wednesday, December 12, 2018 -
6:30pm to 8:30pm


Glossier is not only the hottest beauty brand, it’s also one of the biggest direct-to-consumer success stories. But from day one, it’s also been a technology company. They built their own POS systems and commerce APIs from scratch, to ensure seamless connectivity between their online platform and physical spaces like pop-ups, showrooms, and its flagship store in New York City. As Chief Technology Officer, Bryan Mahoney leads an international team of developers and data analysts as they work to create a forward-thinking experience for customers. He joined Glossier in 2014 to help build out their own in-house tech team. Earlier in his career Mahoney founded Dynamo, a digital design company in Montreal that established itself as a go-to partner for venture-backed startups in the e-commerce space, including brands like Blue Bottle Coffee, Samsung, the Honest Company. On December 12, Rachel Bogan —Partner at Work & Co and longtime product management leader —will lead a discussion with Mahoney about his role in scaling the Glossier. In just four years, the company raised nearly $90 million. Bogan and Mahoney will also discuss building product teams focused on shipping features to production early, and their predictions for the future of retail.