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Trading Cryptocurrencies - Trading Strategies, Planning and Opportunities in Crypto Space.



33 west 19th street
New York, NY 10011
United States


Saturday, November 18, 2017 -
9:30am to 5:30pm


Trading Cryptocurrencies - Trading Strategies, Planning and Opportunities in Crypto Space. Full day immersive with Peter Borovykh

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Who is Peter Borovykh:

He is a head of quantitative trading strategies at AXIONV, AI crypto hedgefund . Peter is a quant who has created his own groundbreaking algorithmic trading strategies based on quantifying the market sentiment and leveraging the emotion of market participants. He is an the author of the recently released book, "Blockchain Applications in Finance". Peter is a renowned speaker on blockchain and its future possibilities, and has been covered in numerous publications such as Business Insdier, MSN, Future Trends, Yahoo Finance, Fortune, Inside Bitcoins and many more and has spoken at conferences on blockchain and crypto markets across the world.

Please note that we have limited amount of spots. Peter Borovykh taught Cryptocurrency trading workshop at the Boston Blockchain Conference this past September, with attendees traveling from all across the the World to attend. After the event he received a number of requests to host a workshop in NY, we decided that it would be a really great treat for everyone

We at Blockchain NYC have spoken with Peter, and convinced him to bring his crypto insights to New York City and share his latest insights on crypto trading here. Imagine getting insights into the world of crypto from the one of the innovators in in the field. Thats exactly what you will get with this workshop. What is value of the knowledge? Where are the opportunities? What are best trades? What is the key? That and so much more will be covered here.

Most people are not sure how to start trading cryptocurrency, let alone make a great return on it. Here are some of the questions that might be on your mind: What is crypto trading? How do i start trading in a correct way? What strategies can I use to get great returns? Which cryptocurency do I invest in? How do i adjust my trading strategy? When do I sell? When do I hold? When do I buy? How do I make high returns? How can I tell when to get in? If you don't have an answer to those questions now, you will after this workshop. This workshop can show you how to take trading to a different level.

The workshop is lead by expert investor and blockchain expert Peter Borovykh. --- Please note that we have limited amount of spots. Want to get serous about cryptocurrency trading? Want to learn how to trade, insights, and strategies that outperform markets? New to crypto, but would like to learn from the master? This workshop can show you how to take trading to a different level. The workshop is lead by expert investor and blockchain expert Peter Borovykh. --- The crypto space might appear mysterious and hard to access, and it seems like select few are able to reap the benefits of this new opportunity and make millions practically out of nothing.

A few articles where he appeared: Business Insder - Bitcoin Splits in Two Growth in Cryptocurrency: Four Reasons Why it Benefits the Global Financial System AI Crypto Hedge Fund Leading the Way: Momentum Trading Generates Outsized Returns Peter "Finance Applications in Blockchain" Book Release This immersive workshop will remove the confusion and complexity of the crypto space. The crypto space is one of the first markets in history to allow average (not only institutional) investors to drastically outperform the market without Bloomberg Terminal or other must-have tools that give traditional traders the edge. Typically, these opportunities have been available only to the rich; hence, the saying, 'the rich get richer'. But blockchain is changing it all. A decentralized technology characterized by a distributed network of participants revolutionizes payments and money transfers, encourages the development of diverse capital markets, and smooths transactions by totally removing third-party intermediaries.

What does it mean for you? That opportunity is here for anyone and everyone. The key is knowing how to tap into it. One of its applications, crypto-based assets, used as an alternative medium of exchange and a source of funding for blockchain-based projects, have tremendous growth potential. However, a number of proven trading algorithms and strategies could further maximize this growth potential while mitigating risk.

In this one day intensive, we will cover a range of opportunities and the practical ways to profit from them. The workshop will explore: - How to Trade Cryptocurrencies - Crypto Trading Strategies to Give You Outsized Returns - When to Buy and When to Sell - Identifying Trading Trends - Current Regulatory Framework and How It Can Affect Your Trading - Market Capitalization of the Cryptocurrencies Space - Cryptocurrencies and ICOs - Cryptocurrency Overview and Fundamentals - Trading Psychology Part 1 Cryptocurrency and the essentials of trading - The Byzantine Generals' Problem – the problem of trust in an untrusted network - Why expert traders outperform the masses - Learn how to outperform the crypto markets - The top three industries to be impacted by blockchain: financial, healthcare, supply chain management: magnitude, timing, impact on the world Part 2 Why cryptocurrencies will revolutionize trading - Comparison of crypto-assets to other traditional assets (equities, bonds, commodities, real-estate, currencies) - Fundamental view: why crypto-assets are assets. - Cryptocurrencies: history, functionalities, analytics (market cap, price action, volatility, volume) of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum - ICOs and case studies: analytics of ICOs and overview of the most promising ICOs - How to select ICOs, assess their long term value, analyze what will give you the most value Part 3 Wisdom from billionaire traders and investors applied to crypto trading - Highest return investment - Most important trait of a successful trader / investor - What is a contrarian view and how it can be applied to the cryptocurrency space? - Don't put all your eggs in one basket: when and why diversification works wonders - Macro trading strategies: how to how to take advantage of rotation of funds and global asset correlation - Market wisdoms and personal psychology tips from the top hedge fund and asset managers: Warren Buffet ($73.4 billion), Bruce Kovner ($5.5 billion), Ray Dalio ($16.8 billion), Howard Marks ($2.0 billion), Kenneth Griffin ($8 billion), and Paul Tudor Jones ($3.3 billion) Part 4 Most profitable cryptocurrency market strategies - Must consider factors before the trading strategy is implemented: analytics, liquidity of the asset, correlation to the benchmark, volatility of the asset, commission, capital gains taxes - Analysis of successful trading strategies: absolute return, relative return, risk-adjusted return, alpha, beta, maximum drawdown - Long and short term trading executions that can fit any market, Bull or Bear - Tactics to ensure consistent performance over time - The one most important metric of any trading strategy: Sharpe ratio - Education on how to continuously improve of your trading strategies to outperform other traders o Profitable cryptocurrency market methodologies, Momentum Investing: overview, proof of success, implementation on cryptocurrency space. o A number of trading tactics will be unveiled. Exclusive access to latest crypto approaches for workshop attendees.