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Two Day Python Intensive + Data Science



MIT National
One Penn Plaza
34th floor
New York, NY 10019
United States


Saturday, July 14, 2018 - 9:00am to Saturday, July 21, 2018 - 5:00pm


Description 16 packed hours of instruction plus take home assignments Move your career forward and expand your opportunities Chainhaus Certificate of Completion will be provided by at the end of the course day. Breakfast will be provided. Recent Students: “I really enjoyed it. It was a very engaging class, good mix of hands on coding and walk throughs of the concepts for blockchain and data science.” -  Jennifer Jenkins , Data Analyst at Capgemini “To be honest this has been an outstanding experience. I have zero programming knowledge and this course has taken me from nowhere to somewhere. I am now much more comfortable with Pyhton and how it functions.” -  Dipesh Sukhani, Co-founder of “I would recommend this course to those who want more information on how to program in python. I teach the basics to teenagers and for me this is a great course to upscale and bring that back to the classroom.” -Bernadette Lally This is a two-day, back-to-back Saturdays intensive course for individuals with zero or little knowledge of Python that are looking to learn Python AND Data Science fast and effectively. Learn everything you need to know in over two Saturdays and give your career a mega-boost. Saturday July 14th 9AM - 5.30PM Saturday July 21st 9AM - 5PM In this course we will use the latest version of Python to learn about... Topics: - Core programming concepts like variables, functions, loops, conditional statements, I/O, dynamic typing - Core blockchain concepts with demonstration using Python concepts - Error and exception management, lambda, logging, modules and packages - Python data structures: Lists, tuples, dictionaries - How to pull data from the web, web scraping, load data from CSVs or Excel spreadsheets - Object-oriented programming with Python classes - Financial charting with matplotlib  - DataFrames with pandas, and NumPy on large datasets - Machine learning with scikit-learn and SciPy - Setting up, pulling and committing to GitHub repos Check-in is at 8.30AM. Breakfast and (tons of) coffee will be provided. Please bring your laptop, ambition and enthusiasm. Instructor Professor Jamiel Sheikh has over 15 years of experience with distributed computing, application development and complex large scale entereprise solutions. Jamiel currently runs one of the largest Blockchain Meetup groups in NYC and in the US with over 3k active enthusiasts. He is CEO of Override Labs, an advisory and development firm that specializes in complex blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions, tokenomics, decentralized applications and marketing. He also runs Chainhaus, a blockchain training company. He is a graduate professor at NYU and CUNY, where he teaches performance management and data science respectively. He has an MBA from Columbia University, BBA from Baruch College and is completing an MS in Artificial Intelligence from Georgia Institute of Technology. LinkedIn: Also, sign up to our upcoming Solidity, Vyper & Web3 training series: