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Workshop: Tax Talk



Galvanize NYC
303 Spring St.
New York, NY 10013
United States


Tuesday, February 13, 2018 -
12:00pm to 1:00pm


Location: Galvanize NYC, Hudson Square Boardroom  About this workshop: Tax and compliance issues can be confusing and boring, but they are inevitable.This workshop will provide definitions, timelines, and tools to help entrepreneurs make sense of their compliance obligations. Your presenter, Lidia Salgado, will talk about regulations, best practices, misconceptions and horror stories, and answer any questions you may have. Lunch will be provided.  You’ll Learn How To: Identify the different types of filings that you need to submit, and to what jurisdictions Learn the basics of each filing process Be prepared when you don’t think you need to Plan for success to prevent a mess Target Audience Founders who formally established their US companies in 2017, or planning to set up a company this year Anyone who wants to better understand tax requirements and strategies to use to successfully comply with them all  Schedule: Introduction – Who? What? When? (7m) Income tax (7m) Sales tax (7m) Payroll tax (7m) Other compliance items (7m) Common misconceptions (10m) Q&A (15m) Meet Your Instructor: Lidia Salgado joined Early Growth Financial Services (EGFS) in 2014 to help establish firm's operations in New York, working directly with the CEO and covering partnerships, sales, marketing and staffing. EGFS provides outsourced financial services – strategic, day-to-day and project-based – to (mostly) early stage venture-backed companies and venture funds in tech markets across the US. Previously Lidia held various roles on Wall Street - at Morgan Stanley, family offices, and an advisory firm serving activist investors. Leveraging her background in corporate finance, operations and business development, and having worked with hundreds of early stage technology companies, Lidia enjoys the challenge of identifying best solutions and resources to help companies set up a solid foundation or support their growth. In addition to her EGFS responsibilities, Lidia has provided advice to companies though NYC Startup Weekend, Startup Leadership Program, and several accelerators in New York City.