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Hot Bread Kitchen

Incubator focusing on Culinary Arts w/ Kitchen Space


1590 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10029


HBK Incubates is a shared commercial kitchen and business support program run by an award winning food business. Since inception, HBK Incubates has supported the growth of over 120 businesses that have in turn created nearly 200 new jobs. In the capital-intensive culinary industry, HBK Incubates allows entrepreneurs to avoid financial pitfalls and focus on growing their business in a community of entrepreneurs.

Are you an ambitious entrepreneur ready to grow your business?

HBK Incubates is open to all food entrepreneurs. We are well-suited to caterers, specialty food makers, recipe testers, restaurants doing training and menu development, meal delivery businesses and many other types of businesses.

HBK Incubates is committed to helping low-income entrepreneurs grow their food businesses. 30% of our members are low-income and receive subsidies on kitchen rental and storage. If you think you qualify, please inquire.

SHORT TERM RENTAL OPPORTUNITIES: If you need a short term space to prepare food for your next event, contact HBK Incubates about our commercial tenant and short term rates.

ENTREPRENEURIAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (EAP): If you aren’t quite ready to enter the incubator program, consider joining EAP – a theory based program to provide instruction, training, technical assistance and support services to individuals who have recently started their own food or non food-based business. To find out more, email

To find out more about our program offerings and schedule a facility tour, click this link: