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Harvard Business School Alumni Angels of Greater New York


Members: 312


Supporting Entrepreneurship and Innovation. HBS Alumni Angels of Greater New York is the largest angel network in NY with 300 alumni members.  Our members invested $2.3 million in 2016 across 15 companies, and $8 million in 50+ companies in the past 5 years.  We select five companies to pitch each month after extensive screening.  All investment decisions are made individually, and there is no obligation to invest.

The companies in which we invest are NOT required to have any ties to Harvard University, and cover multiple industries and geographies, although many are in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania.

Our angel members are Harvard Business School and other Harvard University alumni who invest in early-stage private companies on an individual basis.  Many are active mentors to their portfolio companies.  Our members have experience across a wide range of industries and functional areas, and many have multiple investments in early stage companies.

Mentorship.  We seek to actively mentor HBSAANY companies, as desired by and tailored to the company. Participation is entirely optional for the company, and at no cost. Our Chief Mentor consults with the entrepreneur, and selects a Lead Mentor for the company.  The Lead Mentor, who will often be an investor in the company, will seek to assist the company individually and via the HBS and Harvard alumni networks.  We also offer Expert Mentors in particular disciplines.

Our Screening Process.  We invite companies from all sectors to submit their business plans for funding. Our geographic focus includes, but is not limited to, the Greater New York area. The key steps in the application process are as follows: 1) An application must be submitted through this website. 2) A preliminary screening is conducted by the HBSAANY membership online. 3) Companies that make it through the preliminary screening are then invited to present to the HBSAANY membership at a Pitch Night. Pitch Nights are held monthly.

Investment.   While angels make individual investment decisions, we work to make the timing and process efficient for our entrepreneurs.   As appropriate, we also syndicate our investments with other HBS Alumni Angel chapters and angel networks.  Angel financing rounds can be up to $1 million or more, including syndicated investors.

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