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Clinical Field Specialist (Contractor)



Who we are:

eSight is the developer of a game-changing, breakthrough technology – electronic glasses that let the legally blind see. We are passionately driven by our simple belief that Everyone Deserves to See. It is a mission of both social and economic justice. eSight has already succeeded in attracting an amazing amount of attention from major news outlets and social media all over the world, including being named TIME Magazine's Top Inventions of 2017 and the Canadian Innovation Award's Breakthrough Technology of the Year.

We are seeking people for the role of ‘Clinical Field Specialist’ who are passionate, empathetic individuals. As a Clinical Field Specialist you will be providing demonstrations of eSight to legally blind individuals in your area.

What you will be doing:

- You will participate in training and orientation where we teach you about low-vision and eSight Eyewear through a combination of web-based tools and in-person training with our team here in Toronto, Canada (passport necessary!)
- You will perform demonstrations of how eSight works with legally blind individuals who have asked to try eSight Eyewear, approximately one day per week (this is not a full-time or part-time position at this moment)
- You will receive and input all demonstration information into our system and communicate with the Vision Advocate team to convey results of the demonstrations
- You will learn about assistive technology and the impact it can have on the lives of individuals living with vision loss.
- You will located close to the chosen demonstration site, or have access to a car that will allow you to travel to the demonstration site
- You will teach and instruct on how to use eSight in various everyday situations
- You will create a welcoming and warm environment using your creativity and positive attitude allowing the individual to feel at ease by providing a unique experience

The experiences and skills that you bring:
- Post-secondary education related to discipline (the "business of caring" - nursing, teaching, optometry, occupational therapy for example)
- Ability to work with a variety of people – our users range from 7 years old to 98 years’ young
- You are organized, detail oriented and have a strong work ethic
- You can problem solve and time manage effectively
- Passionate about the cause of low vision/legal blindness and the mission that eSight embodies
- Ability to communicate effectively – you can express yourself clearly and give clear instructions
- A willingness to patiently educate and advocate for our new technology
- Ability to learn new technology quickly

Bonus points if you:

- Have experience working with the elderly
- Have experience or demonstrated interest in VR/AR technology
- Have experience working with the legally blind/low vision community

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