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Community Marketing Manager



DaisyBill is a loud frog in a small pond. Our blog and webinars are opinionated, wildly popular, and unmistakably DaisyBill. We are known for exposing the many injustices in the unfair workers’ comp system and fiercely defending the rights of doctors and other providers of services to injured workers. 

Within the workers’ comp arena, our reach and influence are far out of proportion to our size. We’ve accomplished this without advertising or public relations; almost all of the attention is based on our unique voice, persistent (and in some quarters, unpopular) advocacy, and, of course, outstanding strength of product.

About the Opportunity:

We want to improve and expand on our influence by hiring a Community Marketing Manager. We want someone who will:

  • Explore and develop our idea of a community forum for our industry.
  • Drive awareness and engagement to help grow the DaisyBill brand within the workers’ comp community.
  • Create and execute a communications strategy to tell our story, both externally (to our industry and our users) and internally to the DaisyBill team. You'll tell our story with personality, humor, and genuineness. 

As part of our small but mighty Marketing team, you will report directly to the CEO, developing and leading strategies to strengthen our role as the most important industry voice.


1. Be our champion and apostle within the larger workers’ comp community:

  • Work closely with our CEO on blog content. Our blog not only helps promote DaisyBill’s products, but also creates and unites the larger DaisyBill workers’ comp community. Note: you will not be required to actually write blog posts, though it would be nice if you can!
  • Send out weekly digests of blog posts to every person on our mailing list.
  • Explore and develop the idea of an industry community forum.
  • Rework, rethink, and apply CPR to our social media — it needs some (big) help — and get us on a social media calendar.
  • Do the same with our “About Us” page and individual bios.

2. Be an ally and advocate for current and future users, working with the Support and Compliance teams:

  • Re-work onboarding communication, such as welcome emails. 
  • Develop messaging around new users who are not using or under-utilizing DaisyBill.
  • Set up a monthly metrics email to users detailing their usage.
  • Process, store, and study user feedback and set up a system to share that feedback so that other teams can address both praise and problems (for instance so that our bloggers can answer recurring questions and our Development team can address friction points with our software and develop frequently-requested features).

3. Be the best-informed colleague within DaisyBill — the one who shares relevant information and makes us a better-connected team:

  • Circulate an internal newsletter to our team.
  • Let team members know about new customers, products, and other developments.
  • Rethink our standup and set up / manage Slack and other internal communication channels.


  1. Ideally, at least 2 years of B2B community marketing / management experience.
  2. Experience building a community forum strongly preferred.
  3. Demonstrated ability to execute social media campaigns and run a social content calendar.
  4. Experience managing a blog and overseeing blog content / strategy.
  5. Exceptional project management and analytical skills (e.g. core metrics, Google Analytics, brand watch, and social platform analytics).
  6. Heroic (or at least phenomenal) communication skills.
  7. Eager to collaborate and work closely with other team members.
  8. Alignment with DaisyBill's values (see below).

This is a full-time, on-site position. You will start with an internal three-month trial period as an independent contractor; at the end of three months, if everything works out, we’ll hire you as a permanent employee!

DaisyBill Values:

  1. Be bold — the status quo just isn’t good enough.  
  2. Outperform — what we do, we do best.
  3. Customers matter — we keep our customers top of mind constantly, and all else follows.
  4. Persevere — find a way or make one!
  5. Improve constantly — we get smarter.
  6. Collaborate — Me. We.
  7. Be nice — real, straightforward, open-minded, honest, and ethical.
  8. Value diversity — of thought, experience, mindset, and angle of attack.
  9. Live your best life — work should only be 25% of your life!
  10. GOAT — the Daisy team strives to be the greatest of all time!


2 - 5 Years Work Experience
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