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In-House Fabricator



As MICRO’s in-house Fabricator your high quality fabrication superpowers will help outfit, maintain, and drive our growing fleet of six-foot-tall museums.

You will make sure that MICRO’s museums are beautifully built and running perfectly. From masterfully operating drills, drivers, and dremels through to applying graphics on Corian, you are a Jack, Jill or Jungle Cat of all fabrication materials, techniques, and power tools, who is excited to help MICRO as we grow.

Do you have a background in highly detailed fabrication? Have you worked in museum exhibit, model, or prop building or overseen manufacturing projects with lots of moving parts? If you’re a hyper organized, self-motivated doer who loves to tinker and problem solve and wants to work with beautiful museums, the in-house Fabricator position at MICRO is your dream job.

Hours are flexible, beginning at 8-16 hours (1-2) days per week. Pre-arranged weeks of full time work may be available. NYC based.

MICRO's museums are for all kinds of visitors. Our team includes all kinds of people. As we grow, we are excited to build an organization that is welcoming and supportive. MICRO encourages applications from people of all races, backgrounds, orientations, religions, and genders. Non-US citizens OK, however MICRO is not able to sponsor visas at this time.


2-5 years experience in high quality fabrication, museum exhibit building, model building, or similar field SKILLS Strong communication on fabrication and technical issues Great organizational skills and a track record for managing systems and working towards long-term goals Comfortable with different materials and fabrication techniques (wood, acrylic, electronics) Experience with small power tools (drills, drivers, router, dremel, palm sander, circ saw) and hand tools Extreme attention to detail (the museums are seen close up so we need someone who will take the time to make sure the final product is beautiful) Ability to actively problem solve, diagnose issues, ask questions, and communicate them clearly Comfortable using Google Drive (docs, spreadsheets, slides) for communication and documentation BONUS SKILLS Basic wiring/electronics knowledge (soldering a plus) Experience using CAD software (able to navigate a CAD file and pull dimensions from it) Experience with installations in high-traffic environments Experience with museum fabrication or highly detailed customer facing fab work Experience applying graphics to finished products Comfortable designing jigs and other fabrication aids Experience managing other people
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