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Software Support Staff Needed



About Us:
We are a property management technology solutions provider. We pride ourselves on being a fast-growing and innovative company that provides the highest-level customer service –consistently exceeding the expectations of our clients. We have been in business for over 18 years and work with over 4,500 buildings in the U.S. and around the world – making us the industry leader. Our office culture is comparable to the fast-pace, energy, and vibrancy of a startup, while maintaining the feel of a family owned company, filled with birthday lunches, holiday parties, company retreats, and a variety of other fun and exciting events. So, if you’d enjoy working for a dynamic and successful company that cares deeply for both its customers and employees, have a knack for problem solving, and are great with people, please keep reading.

About the Job:
We are looking to add to our current In-Office Customer Support team. You will be part of a team, where we teach one another, we learn from one another, and our successes and failures are shared. Every member of the team is fully committed to providing our customers with the superior level of service to which they have grown accustomed. Acting as the face of the company, you’ll be on the frontlines: tackling customer questions and complaints over the phone and through email, coming up with creative work-arounds for customer needs that our platform might not directly support, and investigating program bugs/issues that you’ll then write up to be fixed. You’ll also probably get involved in some side projects –most of us do – which run the gamut from product research to new feature testing.

About You:
Whether you are a recent college graduate or just up for a change in careers, our ideal candidate requires the ability to multi-task and manage time efficiently. You are patient but passionate. You like to talk but more importantly love to listen. You are able to put yourself in a customer’s shoes and advocate for them when needed. You are personable, hardworking, reliable, and motivated. You understand what it means to be part of a team, but can also complete a task without having to be micro-managed.

A diverse clientele with varying levels of computer skills - you are comfortable working with all types: from folks with IT backgrounds, to those who have just recently learned how to use a mouse. Cheerful and natural on the phone, you let your personality shine through while keeping it professional. You excel at asking clarifying questions and figuring out what people are trying to say, even when they aren’t great communicators. And you try to avoid saying “No” to a customer at all costs, whether that means double checking with colleagues, coming up with a creative work-around, or both. Finally, you are happy to take constructive feedback and are always wondering how you can do better.

Was that you? If so, HERE'S WHAT HAPPENS NEXT:

Please send an email to with the following subject line: “I care”

(1) Tell us why we should hire you. What makes you the right person for this position?

(2) Include your resume or LinkedIn profile.

(3) Describe an example from your personal or professional life where you were confronted with an outdated or inefficient routine or process and improved upon it. What was the outcome?

(4) If you can think of any, tell us about some hobbies or side careers that you have pursued with passion that might shed light on who you are. For example, we have a LOT of people here that have side activities in the performing arts world. That's okay – it’s welcomed here.

(5) Confirm whether commuting to Union Square in Manhattan is any sort of challenge for you.

(6) Provide salary expectations, or at least an expected range.

If you feel like a possible fit, I'm going to send an email your way to continue the conversation and help us figure out for sure if this is right for you. And we'll take it from there.