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UI / UX Designer



Shine is on a mission to make wellbeing accessible— more representative, cheaper, easier and more connected than it’s ever been. Today, with over 2M loyal users in 189 countries, our first product, Shine Text (covered on the TODAY show, CNN, Glamour, Mashable, TechCrunch and more), is a free daily text experience that makes it easy to notice and improve your wellbeing. Shine Text takes a unique spin on one timely theme per day, breaking down research-backed solutions to today’s trickiest problems into a relatable conversation Building on the success of our first product, in December 2017, we expanded our product offering to include daily audio content, via our iOS app — that was the App of the Day in the App Store in its first 6 weeks. We believe that billions of people miss out on the chance to connect with themselves and others around how they feel, so that they can make better decisions and feel less alone in the human struggle. Our team is awesome. Our community is incredible. Our movement is massive. And this is just the beginning.


You’re a creator through and through. You don’t just love UX design, you find yourself obsessively thinking about how systems like hospitals, grocery lines, puppy adoption, etc. could be more improved, streamlined processes. You’re looking to spend your time on earth impacting people’s lives for the better, and want to have fun doing it.


- Research: Investigate what our users love about our existing products, how they can be improved and discover what we aren’t even thinking about yet through user interviews, surveys, and quantitative data.

- Product Design (existing): Enhance Shine’s iOS experience, website and messaging product to drive engagement, retention of free users and conversion of paying users.

- Product Design (new): Champion and shape the creation of new products that make it easier for Shine users to improve their daily wellbeing. We don’t just want you for your amazing design skills, we want to elevate your ideas too.

- Graphic Design: Tighten the Shine brand on our online properties to help us amplify our reach and elevate the visual expression of our brand.

- Have an obsession with design: Your design skills are fire and it shows in your portfolio and / or your hobbies. Your UX expertise will help you make the best judgement on features that will delight Shine users.

- Have a passion about using tech for good: You get excited about solving the world’s biggest problems with accessible technology and believe in a world where a daily wellbeing practice is as common as brushing your teeth.

- 2-5 years experience in interaction / UX design
- Passion for building innovative, mission-based products—with a strong aptitude for bigger-picture business strategy
- Collaborative and iterative style of designing, that takes user feedback and internal stakeholders into account
- A point of view on how to create a visually compelling user experience across various mediums
-Experience using wireframing and prototyping tools like Sketch, Figma, Invision, etc.

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