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Big companies were increasingly obsessed with co-working spaces in 2017

Everyone is aware of the stuffiness in corporate office spaces where cubicles separate you from others, sometimes the person you need to talk to is on another floor, and your supervisor or manager is positioned behind a closed door.

Well, given the proliferation of the open office space seen in coworking spaces and startups, 2017 was the year that large media conglomerates and newly crowned tech giants started emulating several aspects of the startup MO. From integrating the open office layout into their own buildings to implementing happy hours and other cultural shifts, corporations are trying different workplace models.


Are you seeing more established companies in your local coworking space? That’s because corporations are taking on new workplace organization strategies by moving employees to coworking and incubator spaces. These spaces are set up so that Fortune 500 companies have better access to innovators, innovations, talent, and reduced real estate costs.

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