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Digital.NYC’s Insider Look: Interview with Anna Recasens, Event Project Manager at Smart Cities New York

In less than 10 days, Smart Cities New York will return to Pier 36! In partnership with Politico, Smart Cities offers the opportunity to learn from the most influential innovators and civic leaders, meet potential collaborators, and experience the latest technologies firsthand. More than 3,500 experts from businesses, governments, NGOs, foundations, and academia will be on hand to discuss and develop solutions for our most pressing urban challenges and opportunities.

Digital.NYC had the pleasure of sitting down with Anna Recasens, Event Project Manager at Smart Cities New York, for an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW about this truly unique event!

1. Ok, let's start with the basics. Who are you & what do you do?

I’m Anna Recasens, I’m originally from Barcelona, Spain but have been in New York City for the last two years. I currently manage all operations for Smart Cities New York. Prior to moving to New York to work on the conference, I worked as a project manager on films in Europe.

2. For those who might be new to Smart Cities, can you give us a brief sum up/history of the event?

Smart Cities New York (SCNY) is North America’s leading global conference exploring the emerging influence of cities in shaping the future. With the global smart city market expected to grow to $1.6 trillion within the next three years, Smart Cities New York is Powered by People and guided this year by its “Emerging Power Of Cities” theme. The conference brings together top thought leaders and senior members of the private and public sector to discuss investments in physical and digital infrastructure, health, education, sustainability, security, mobility, workforce development, and more, to ensure cities are central to advancing and improving urban life. This is the second year for the conference, last year we hosted it at the Brooklyn Navy Yard but this year is going to be even bigger and is now taking place at Pier 36 in Lower Manhattan.

3. How has the event changed/grown since it first started?

Everything about this year’s conference is bigger and better. More speakers, more mayors, more workshops. The feedback from last year’s conference was so positive we made it a priority to truly make it a global conference to discuss the issues and solutions facing cities around the world. To keep our community engaged, we’ve done monthly town halls, even as far as London to connect entrepreneurs and business leaders, city officials and students, artists and innovators -- all to discuss, learn and work together on urban innovation.

4. What new trends have you seen developing that have influenced the Smart Cities event?

There’s a thirst for an exchange of ideas and solutions, Smart Cities New York brings together leaders from both the public and private sector to address the mass urbanization taking place cities around the world. We are also seeing significant enthusiasm from the start-up community who are looking to create and find the solutions to help address the issues in cities globally.

5. How will this year's Smart Cities be similar/different from those in the past?

Smart Cities New York will be similar in that we continue to be Powered by People because cities truly are powered by people. Just as the issues change from year to year, the conference will reflect that in the program. Topics like Blockchain, Broadband and the future of the workforce are all being addressed because those are the topics that matter.

6. What can those attending Smart Cities expect from the event? What would be your best piece of advice to newcomers about what to see?

Attendees can expect to experience three days of tours, workshops, conversations, panels and exciting news! I recommend newcomers download the Brella app (Apple & Google) in order to take advantage of all the networking opportunities and easily access the program.

7. What are some exciting new things coming to Smart Cities in 2018?

The High-level curated conversations (20 international and national mayors participating) and the fact to implement smart solutions for a more experiential event that actually tries to make people understand a smart city from its zenith are the differential elements for this year.

8. Is there a way for those not attending to follow along? Live-stream? Twitter handle? Etc.

Of course! Keep up by following the hashtag #SCNY18 or our social on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Smart Cities New York runs May 8-10 at Pier 36. Click here to register and learn more!


Anna Recasens, Event Project Manager at Smart Cities New York

Anna Recasens is an event and media producer, fluent in 5 different languages, with over 7 years of experience working worldwide on commercial and cultural projects in the fields of entertainment and innovation. I have lived and worked in Barcelona, Berlin, Helsinki, Kyoto and New York City, working with well-known film directors such as Peter von Bagh, worldwide companies such as Sony Music or Empire Entertainment, and for international events such as Festival Internacional de Cine de San Sebastián and Smart City Expo - Barcelona, Kyoto and NY for the last two years.

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