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Enter Manhattan’s Sprawling New Digital Art Mecca

Artechouse is bringing the world’s most intricate digital projection technology—as well as a dose of hallucinatory visuals—to New York City’s Chelsea gallery district. “Certain things, words simply cannot describe,” says Sandro Kereselidze. “They must be seen and experienced.” Such visceral logic may explain the explosive success of Artechouse, an immersive digital art space dedicated to preeminent new-media artists whose work incorporates the latest scientific and technological innovations. 

Artechouse satisfies a major niche that ordinary white-cube galleries and museums have traditionally failed to address. “Digital artists are struggling to find exhibition spaces,” says Kereselidze. “Without specific technology, they’re left with limited means of engaging the public, which seems to be increasingly interested in this type of artwork.” The numbers don’t lie: Since Kereselidze and partner Tati Pastukhova launched the gallery’s first outpost in Washington, DC, in 2017, and opening a Miami location the following year, Artechouse has attracted nearly 500,000 visitors and mounted immersive exhibitions by Nonotak, Julius Horsthuis, and Marpi.

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