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The Gurus Behind New York's Wildest Gym Talk Startup Life, Fitness, And Sexy Unicorns

Built in the mazelike remains of an old mafia hangout on 39th Street, Mark Fisher Fitness makes a solid case for being the most delightfully bonkers gym in existence. A mannequin adorned with a hot pink tutu and a giant unicorn mask poses by the front desk. Inflatable pool toys adorn the premises, with words of profane affirmation graffiti’d all over the walls, and just a touch of BDSM paraphernalia for flavor. Dildos are a big thing here - not necessarily for their intended use, but as architectural adornment.

And the gym itself isn’t even called a gym by the people who use it: it’s an Enchanted Ninja Clubhouse of Glory and Dreams. If this flies in the face of Crossfit culture, well…that’s sort of the point. The unrepentant joie-de-vivre both sets it apart from the larger fitness world, and is at the heart of its entrepreneurial success. “Our prices aren’t much higher than comparable metropolitan programs. Our volume is just looney tunes.”

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