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How NYC Startup HEVO Is Taking Wireless Charging To The Next Level

What good is technology if it isn’t charged? Most of us have experienced that frustrating moment when you run out of battery and find yourself without a way to recharge. This happens not only with phones and laptops, but with all of the modern-day technologies that we are entirely dependent on — and our cars are no exception. Electric vehicles are becoming more and more technologically advanced and ever more popular among consumers. However, a big concern remains, how can we keep them charged? HEVO Power, a startup based in New York City, is working on just that. As technology advances, so must our ability to keep it charged. HEVO provides a wireless charging network with the aim to create a global standard for electric vehicles. Wireless charging can not only make things easy and convenient, it can also help decentralize and maintain the grid.

And it’s already beginning to take off, with car makers such as BMW offering wireless charging with new models and other companies, such as Plugless, offering wireless inductive charging. It’s easy to envision wirelessly charging your vehicle while stopped at a specific charging point. But what about charging your car while on the go? We talk with founder Jeremy McCool about his vision for wireless charging networks, HEVO’s production plans, and how they are ‘future-proofing’ technologies for the years to come.

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