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Israeli tech to help ease New York City traffic woes

Having a car in New York City can often be a pain, which explains why the majority of its residents rely on a combination of taxis and public transportation to get around. If you're on the Upper West Side, it's simply easier to hop on a subway to Lower Manhattan than to crawl your way through traffic.

But public transportation in the Big Apple has its fair share of problems as well. While other international cities like London and Paris are quickly expanding their subway systems, new upgrades in Manhattan have frequently been plagued by delays and cost overruns. “It’s sort of like a dark money pit where money just keeps getting thrown at projects,” Corey Johnson, who is running for mayor, told New York Magazine about the Metropolitan Transit Authority. “When the projects are being negotiated, many, many times, the MTA just signs off on what the contractors put in front of them. There’s no forensic auditing or effort to see if costs have been inflated in an unscrupulous way.”

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