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A new chapter of growth: A close-up on NYC’s startup scene

Article by Conrad Egusa for The Sociable. If you think back, it wasn’t long ago that the media was constantly comparing New York’s startup ecosystem with that of the reigning tech universe Silicon Valley. And then, somehow, the hype abated. On a recent trip to NYC, I wanted to better understand the state of things. Had a tech scene that’s witnessed boom and bust once more lost its stride?

A few days of observing things up close and speaking with founders on the ground and I had better found the answer. New York’s tech has not faltered, but rather matured, having begun a new chapter of more stable growth. In fact, New York currently boasts 6,300 startups, with tech jobs growing at a rate of 30 percent over the last decade.

The first takeaway from my visit, then, was that NYC, for an entrepreneur, is still the place to be. But I was also reminded of how the seemingly limitless opportunity and energy of the city, the places and people you’ll feel you have to know, can be ironically daunting and deterring.

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