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NY startup to operate hotel within Union Station apartment complex

Another company operating at the three-way intersection of hotels, Airbnbs and apartments has entered the Denver market. New York-based Mint House, founded in 2017, has leased all 20 units on the eighth floor of The Grand Apartments at 1777 Chestnut Place near Union Station. It expects to begin renting them on a nightly basis in the coming weeks. “We’re very focused on the downtown corridor,” said Eric Fifer, Mint House Denver lead. “We target a high-end business traveler.”

Mint House leased the units in September, and has applied for but not yet received a hotel license from the city, which would allow it to rent the units to short-term visitors. Since procuring the units in September, Fifer said Mint House has been renting them out for 30-plus day stays, because that doesn’t require a hotel license. Fifer said the company believes it will get its hotel license by June.

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