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This NYC Startup Just Raised Another $43M To Make Breakfast Easy and Nutritious

The holiday indulgences of the last few weeks may have you thinking about improving your diet and or even lifestyle change. However, in the modern era, that’s easier said than done since it’s difficult to find convenient, healthy foods that stays fresh, taste good, and fill you up.  NYC startup Daily Harvest has changed this. The company delivers fresh, ready-to-blend plant-based foods to make smoothies, parfaits, sundaes, and even soups.  The subscription service lets you easily upgrade your morning routine without compromising your health. Stuffed with fresh and nutritious ingredients that are harvested at optimal ripeness, your breakfast comes straight to your door and can be prepped in minutes.

AlleyWatch chatted with founder and CEO Rachel Drori about the company, its origin, the company’s impressive growth, future plans, and its latest round of funding.

Who were your investors and how much did you raise?

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