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Startup Lab Leads New York City's Tech Ecosystem as It Enters Its Fifth Year

Since the Lab was founded in 2014, four of its startups have been acquired or repaid venture investors, for a total value of $100 million. New York City is home to some 7,000 startups, valued at more than $71 billion. In just five years, Columbia Startup Lab has made an impact on that growing ecosystem with more than 250 startups and some 350 entrepreneurs, all Columbia graduates.

These early-stage companies, in a wide range of industries—including finance, technology, fashion and food—have raised more than $55 million in venture funding. Four of the Lab's startups have been acquired or repaid venture investors in other ways, for a total value of $100 million. It usually takes startups between seven and ten years to reach that point of success.

Administered by the Columbia Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Design (Columbia Entrepreneurship), the Lab is run in partnership with Columbia College, Columbia Engineering School, and the schools of International and Public Affairs (SIPA), Business and Law.

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