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Take a behind-the-scenes tour of NYC’s top tech offices

Hold on to your keyboards, people — you’re about to get an exclusive look into the weird and wonderful world of NYC’s tech offices. As the muggy days of summer approach, think of each unique space as the cool oasis of your dreams.

Citizen App

What they do: Citizen is the force behind one of New York City’s favorite apps. The company's platform uses your location to alert you to potentially dangerous incidents in your area such as fires, robberies and more. Citizen also allows users to upload photos and videos of the incident, if they can safely do so.

Office stats: 40 employees work in Citizen’s 4,000-square-foot space, which has served as home to the company since 2017.

Beyond nine to five: “We are a 24/7 operation, with employees powering the Citizen app around the clock," said Lea Artz, Citizen's head of newsroom and central operations. "The Citizen office is never empty [and] we take great pride in our office vibe. It's brightly lit, big, open and incredibly creative. We work at our standing desks, and celebrate company milestones on a rare Lower Manhattan deck space attached to our office. That's our go-to collaborative workspace whenever the weather is nice enough."

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